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Article from the Hunting Symposium Austria (03/2018)

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Article in Weidwerk (02/2018)

„With friendly permit of the hunting magazine WEIDWERK“.

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Summary of the pilot study

“Preliminary results of golden jackal (canis aureus) monitoring in Austria”

Infoblatt Burgenland (01/2016)

Genauere Beschreibung des akustischen Monitorings

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Reporting of observations

Here you will find the forms for reporting a sighting or other evidence of golden jackal presence:

– german version (download, pdf)
– english version (download, pdf)


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links (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna) (Fachgruppe Wildtierökologie) (LJV Burgenland) (Citizen Science Austria)  (Janez Tarman, Pictures from Slovenia and Croatia) (Robin Sandfort, Pictures from the Danube-Delta) (Irit Drob, Photographer in Israel) (Wolves, bear and lynx – Information for Austria) (Büro für Wildökologie, Artenschutz und Naturbildung)